Teacher Input 5
  • Ask learners: When does photosynthesis take place? Is it during the day or night?

Answer:  Day.

  • Ask learners why they think photosynthesis cannot occur at night.

Answer:  Plants need sun energy for photosynthesis to take place.

  • Remind learners that we all need oxygen to survive: We breathe in the oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide.
  • Tell learners that:
    • Plants play a very special role in our lives because during photosynthesis the plant uses carbon dioxide from the air and gives off oxygen into the air.
    • Humans, as well as all animals, need oxygen from the air to live.
    • Animals, including people, breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.
    • This carbon dioxide is then used by plants for photosynthesis.
  • Present an overview of the relationship between plants and air by using PRESENTATION 2: PLANTS AND AIR.
  • Show VIDEO CLIP 2: Carbon dioxide cycle or Circle of Life (3:18 min.).   
Teacher Input 6
Revision Activity 1